Executive Messages

Dear Anandians,


It gives me great pleasure to send this message on the occasion of the launch of the “anandasports.com” website by the Old Anandians Sports Club [OASC].

At Ananda College, we realize that if we are to inspire successful 21st Century Citizens, it requires us to go beyond academic success. Therefore, we make every endeavour to provide a wholistic learning experience for our students.  Sports play a major part in this effort. We believe it provides a child with a great opportunity to learn life skills and meet life’s many challenges better in the real world. Our award-winning performances in Sports and many other co-curricular activities are testament to this commitment.

As much as the College being proud of the successes recorded, it also gives me great pleasure to share these achievements with all fellow Anandians, the general public and the rest of the world.  In this regard, everyone involved must be congratulated for coming together in developing this website, a timely need of the fraternity of Anandians.

I sincerely hope all other Sports related groups in and outside the college will come together with the OASC and the Cricket Wing to make this the most comprehensive website dedicated to the College and Ananda Sports in particular.

Once again, my sincere thanks to all who have taken the initiative in developing this site and may their efforts enrich Ananda College in the months and years to come.

S. M. Keerthirathne



Dear Anandians,

Old Anandians Sports Club Website

It is with great pleasure and pride that I issue this message to anandasports.com, the website dedicated to promote and publicise the sporting achievements and sports news of Ananda College. For years it has been a necessity for the school and the Old Anandians Sports Club (OASC) to have such a platform to communicate the sporting achievements, development news, fund raising activities etc. of our Alma Mater.

Over the years Ananda College has been in the forefront of Sri Lanka’s school sports, with a rich history of producing national sporting heroes. It is important for Ananda to embrace new technology and continue to maintain our standing on the national sports stage.
With anandasports.com we have the ideal platform to showcase our achievements in all forms of sports. I see two benefits in this valued endeavour; 1. For the old boys of Ananda to relive the glory of representing mother Ananda. 2. To be an inspiration to the next generation of budding sportsman of Ananda.

It is my hope that anandasports.com will grow into the premium source of news about Ananda sports and become the primary channel for fundraising and the development of sports at our college. I give special thanks to the OASC Cricket wing for taking the initiative for this endeavour and the project committee for their effort.

Let us take Anandasports to the pinnacle of Sri Lankan college sports.

Sithendra Senaratne
President – OASC



Dear all, Greetings!


As the Project chairman, I am happy to say that henceforth, we will be able use a single platform to let Anandians’ in Sri Lanka and around the world know about what is going on in relation to sporting activities at Ananda.So far, this has been an eventful year with great achievements by our boys. Well done to them all, for putting the Ananda name right on TOP. As I write, we are the reigning Champions in U19 Cricket, Swimming, Rowing, Tennis, Cadetting etc; We have had Individuals performing outstandingly and some have gone on to represent the country. This means we are winning consistently and continuing to be a force to reckon with in School Sports in Sri Lanka.

I sincerely hope that this website will provide an opportunity for Aandians spread all over the world to keep in touch with action back at their Alma Mater. We expect the website to be relevant, informative and interactive. Besides sharing details of events and achievements we will enable interaction through a Blog. The website will also have links to other related websites and social media platforms.While Cricket will be the initial focus, we expect other sports at Ananda College to use this website to share their sporting activities in future. We will continue to work tirelessly to facilitate such a collaborative outcome so that the website would be a comprehensive source carrying all Ananda related sporting news for an Anandian to get all his news and information in one location. We therefore, invite friends of Ananda Sports to seriously head our call and join hands to make the website, a platform as broad as possible for all of us to connect with the College.

I am grateful to Mr. Keerthirathne, the Principal for his unstinted support and encouragement for this project from the word go. I must also mention that Sitendra Senaratne – President of the OASC was an ever willing and enabling partner from the time the idea of a common website was first mooted by the Cricket Wing. In Sampath Perera, we found a more than willing partner from the OASC EXCO to join hands with us to get this done. Dinesh Wickremanayake who championed the project along his colleague Harsha Wickramasinghe from the WNS Team who handled the technical aspects of the site deserve a HUGE thank you for the great work done to get the site ready for launch. My colleagues from the Cricket Wing EXCO Sathis Dharmasekhara and Ashley Ratnayake made huge contributions to get this up and running. Thank you, gentlemen, for the excellent work!

Old Anandians’ Sports Club – Cricket Wing

Adel Hashim